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Katie Amaral is a computer engineer and musician who is based in Boston, MA. She holds a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems and a dual Bachelor's degree in Music Synthesis and Business. She has over eight years of experience in IT and holds numerous technical certifications. She been playing music since the age of seven and in addition to her professional career she continues to produce music and perform live shows. She plays original rock music with her band unstraight and original electronic music under the alias MetalKT.

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Overall, she is a well-rounded professional with a devotion to the arts and a fabulous outlook on life.


MetalKT is an electronic music producer, instrumentalist and sound designer based in Boston. She is also a co-songwriter, lead guitar player and synthesizer sound designer in the all-women Boston-based band unstraight.

Her original electronic music is an infusion of melodic textures and deep electronic beats. During live performance, she plays a tasteful selection of original tracks along with bass music remixes. Vermin Street records and Berklee College of Music have featured her music on compilation releases. She has performed at numerous venues and events, including Enormous Room, Machine nightclub, Wonderbar, Tavern at the End of the World, FireFly festival, and private locations. She has also played at events internationally, such as EarthDance festival at the Valley of 1000 Hills in South Africa. She plays the guitar, mandolin, keyboards and djembe.



Katie has a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems at Boston University. She attended Berklee College of Music where she holds a dual Bachelor's degree in audio engineering and business. She has many technical certifications including ACE, Network + and Security +. In addition to school, she has many years of work experience involving systems administration, web application development, technical support, QA, project management and IT Security services.


Aside from her professional life, Katie enjoys staying active, socializing and spending time outdoors. Her favorite activities include practicing yoga, attending concerts, swimming, snowboarding, hiking, and bike riding. Overall, she is a well-rounded professional with a devotion to the arts and a positive outlook on life.

From the beginning...

Katie Amaral has always had a deep passion for music. At age seven she picked up the guitar and began playing her first live gigs at the age of twelve. Throughout her youth, she was known to be a very skilled instrumentalist and impressive performer. Determined to follow her heart, she decided to attend Berklee College of Music.

At Berklee she greatly expanded upon her artistic repertoire while studying business. Then, she took a strong interest in music technology and got a work-study job at the Berklee Learning Center computer lab as a supervisor and software tutor.

Infatuated with artistic technology, she began making music with computers and infused her guitar styles with electronics. Later, she was accepted into the Music Synthesis major to study sound design engineering. She graduated from Berklee in 2008. Extensive study of computers lead her to branch out to pursue a career in Information Technology. She gained 5 years of experience in IT after earning her undergraduate degree.

She then went on to earn her Master's degree in Computer Information Systems from Boston University in 2014. As of this writing in 2016 she has accumulated over 8 years of experience in Information Technology.

She continues to produce music and performs periodically, doing live sets with original music, remixes and interactive visuals.